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Pumps, Valves and Seals Review: Part one

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Hydrocarbon Engineering provides an overview of some of the most advanced pumps, valves and seals technologies available within the downstream oil, gas and petrochemicals processing industry.

Ebara International Corporation

Ebara International Corporation, Cryodynamics Division (EIC Cryo) is a premier manufacturer of cryogenic pumps and expanders for the diverse segments of the worldwide liquefied gas industry. With over 40 years of continuous engineering innovation, EIC Cryo’s machines incorporate the highest calibre of engineering and technological advancement, delivering the most dependable and efficient equipment on the market.

Cryogenic expander for LNG post performance test, Sparks, Nevada.

As the LNG industry has changed and matured over the years, EIC Cryo has expanded its traditional product line into developing markets to support new requirements and applications such as fixed and mobile fuel stations, small scale, various marine and floating projects, skids and customised packaging solutions to name a few. Combined with additional concepts and applications with EIC Cryo’s breadth of experience, industry knowledge and the world’s largest, most sophisticated test stand in the world, customers can be confident in the products.

Ebara cryogenic pumps are applied in three configurations:

  • Serving aboard LNG carriers are Model EC units with complete power feed and deck penetration assemblies by Ebara.
  • Suction vessel mounted pumps (Model ECC) are single stage transfer pumps or multi stage for vapouriser and send out for land or FLNG services.
  • ECR retractable for LNG storage tank installations within columns contain the pump and provide the discharge. When the pump needs to be removed, the pump is lifted, closing the spring loaded suction valve, allowing pump withdrawal from a loaded tank.

EIC Cryo’s line of cryogenic expanders directly produce approximately 3 - 5% increased plant output while generating substantial electricity as a peripheral benefit. With such an exceptional financial investment return, cryogenic expanders are becoming the specified standard in LNG locations around the world in projects such as Shell Prelude and other landmark achievement projects.

EIC Cryo offers its customers complete global service packages including service engineering anywhere, anytime with parts support, training, and customised research. Staffed with qualified and devoted engineers and support personnel.


Flexitallic’s ground breaking ChangeTM Gasket is rapidly becoming recognised as the most significant development in gasket technology for more than 100 years.

Not since Flexitallic invented the Spiral Wound Gasket in 1912 has a sealing innovation had such a dramatic impact across the hydrocarbon, process and manufacturing industries with applications growing rapidly.

Flexitallic's ChangeTM Gasket.

A highly resilient metal wound heat exchanger gasket, ChangeTM delivers the most dynamic seal offering cost savings to refineries and plants, but also considerable productivity gains from its enhanced lifecycle.

Manufactured with proprietary equipment, ChangeTM features a metal spiral five times thicker than standard gaskets and uses a unique laser welding process that penetrates completely through the winding, therefore requiring no inner or outer ring.

ChangeTM performs without fail 60% longer than other heat exchanger, CGI spiral wound, double jacketed, corrugated metal or kammprofile gaskets. This has been proven through a series of studies, including radial shear testing (RAST), thermal cycling, leakage and compression testing, which all yielded impressive results.

Across a 24 day, 24 cycle pressure versus thermal cycle test at 302°C replicating industry conditions, ChangeTM lost just 1.5 PSI outperforming every other gasket tested by at least nine days. Compression tests revealed, based on its high level of stored energy, ChangeTM recovers almost five times better than Kammprofile and double jacketed gaskets.

The best evidence comes from successful applications where ChangeTM consistently performs in tough environments. For example, a refinery application has seen ChangeTM operate effectively through cycles ranging from ambient to 379°C experiencing no issues to date and outperforming all previously used gaskets. Prior to the installation of the 63 in. diameter, 510 PSI gasket, the refinery would require multiple gasket replacements between major outages following 28 thermal cycles.

ChangeTM can be supplied with PTFE, graphite filler and a variety of metals as well as another Flexitallic innovation, Thermiculiter® used in high temperature applications from cryogenics to temperatures in excess of 1000°C.

Comprised of thermally and chemically exfoliated Vermiculite, a versatile, inorganic, non-oxidising mineral, Thermiculite® demonstrates considerable versatility and has become specified by name throughout industry.


Flowserve Corp. is one of the world’s leading providers of fluid motion and control products and services. Operating in more than 55 countries, the company produces a wide variety of engineered and industrial pumps, seals, valves and specialty equipment. Flowserve also provides a broad range of consultative, engineering and technical support services.

Its portfolio includes an extensive range of liquid pumps, including overhung, between bearings, vertical and positive displacement in various configurations. In addition, it offers liquid ring and dry running vacuum pumps, liquid ring compressors and specialty products and systems. Flowserve pump product brands and systems are renowned for their coverage, durability and efficiency in the most challenging environments.

Its portfolio of mechanical seals includes a very wide range of single and double, pusher and bellows designs in component and cartridge configurations. The company offers wet and dry type seals for pumps, compressor seals, turbine and mixer equipment seals, special slurry seals and a complete selection of seal support and auxiliary systems. Flowserve seals are known for their ability to function within high pressure, high speed, high temperature and highly corrosive environments.

The company also designs and manufactures a broad range of industrial and control valve products and engineered services. Its portfolio of valves includes ball, plug, gate, globe and check, linear control, rotary control and steam, as well as actuators, digital and analog positioners, steam traps, and systems. Flowserve valves are specified in highly specialised applications such as noise, cavitation, cryogenic, acid/sours, erosive and corrosive, and zero emissions service, along with advanced diagnostics for actuation, instrumentation and controls.

Primary markets served include oil and gas, power generation, chemical, water resources and general industries.

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