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UK fuel facts and politics

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

FairFuelUK highlight some key findings from independent research from ComRes on fuel in the UK.

  • 15% of households say that the cost of vehicle fuel is the day to day cost they are most concerned about and 60% of households rank it in the top three concerns.
  • 69% of UK adults feel positive about a 3p cut in Fuel Duty and believe that it would benefit the economy or themselves personally.
  • 52% of people living in carless households agree reduction in Fuel Duty could benefit the UK economy.
  • 83% of Conservative and 83% of UKIP voters are supportive of a cut in Fuel Duty.
  • 67% of Labour and 66% of Liberal Democrat voters are in favour of a cut.
  • British adults greatly overestimate the proportion of tax revenue from road users spend on both local and national roads.
  • 40% of those intending to vote UKIP said that they would solidify their vote even more if UKIP were to make the 3p pledge.
  • The majority of British adults would be unlikely to change their vote to a party that pledged to cut Fuel Duty.
  • The majority of British adults in the 40 most marginal constituencies either have no trust in the political parties to understand road users, or simply don’t know who understands them.
  • Though none of the political parties generate much trust in their understanding of road users, the Labour Party comes top with 12% followed by the Conservatives at 10%.
  • 28% of residents in marginal seats say they don't know which party best understands road users.

Edited from report by Claira Lloyd

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