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EIA Monthly Energy Review

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Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The May 2016 Monthly Energy Review (MER), the EIA's primary report of recent and historical energy statistics’ preliminary estimates indicate that for February 2016:

  • Primary energy consumption equaled 8.3 quadrillion Btu, a 4% decrease from February 2015. The electric power sector accounted for 35% of the total, the transportation sector for 26%, the industrial sector for 22%, the residential sector for 11%, and the commercial sector for 6%.
  • Electric power sector primary energy consumption equaled 2.9 quadrillion Btu, a 7% decrease from February 2015.
  • Transportation sector primary energy consumption equaled 2.2 quadrillion Btu, a 7% increase from February 2015.
  • Industrial sector primary energy consumption equaled 1.8 quadrillion Btu, a 2% increase from February 2015.
  • Residential sector primary energy consumption in the US equaled 0.9 quadrillion Btu, a 17% decrease from February 2015.
  • Commercial sector primary energy consumption equaled 0.5 quadrillion Btu, a 15% decrease from February 2015.

Adapted from press release by Francesca Brindle

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