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Dais Analytic on-track with NanoClear water treatment shipments

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Dais Analytic Corporation, a commercial nanotechnology materials business selling its 'industry changing' technology into the worldwide energy and water markets, announced that it has shipped its fourth order of its NanoClear units to a targeted customer focused on bringing online cost effective industrial wastewater treatment systems to China. Each unit is capable of producing 2.5 tpd of clean water.

"We are actively pursuing opportunities in the USA, China, Europe and India," says John Herrin, Chief Operating Officer at Dais. "NanoClear has many benefits over existing technologies for treating industrial wastewater and presents customers with a compelling value. It is exciting to see the level of interest we're finding among engineers, water treatment specialists, environmentalists, and others in the wastewater clean-up industry."

The NanoClear product line is a key application in purifying contaminated water having high salt content, low pH, or where the need for total dissolved solid in the product water is 10 or less.

Despite the success of the NanoClear product line on 19 July 2016 the public trading of Dais stock experienced a drop in the price per share due to isolated heavy selling volume. This drop has nothing to do with Dais's technology or its business prospects. The opportunity and the future growth projections continue to move according to plan.

The company believes that a firm, acting on behalf of New York State, acquired through a bureaucratic process approximately 3.7 million shares of Dais common stock held by some shareholders who did not respond to communications sent by the firm on behalf of the State of New York.

When owners of assets, such as stock certificates or other assets, do not actively manage their assets for one reason or another, such as the holder's death, inattention, or unplanned event, a state, the State of New York in this case, may take ownership of these unclaimed assets.

It appears that the clearing house company that acquired the 3.7 million shares of Dais stock on behalf of New York State may have started selling the stock late in the trading day on 19 July selling 1.4 million shares in a few minutes. Short positions were filled, and the price of the stock dropped significantly.

The entire company remains bullish on its prospects as the business opportunity remains the same: solid and moving ahead. "We will do what we are able to in order to address this matter as soon as possible," said John Herrin.

Adapted from press release by Francesca Brindle

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