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Permasense extends its global reach with new partnership

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Permasense, a provider of remote monitoring solutions for the global energy industry, has appointed a local agent for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Corrosion Control Engineering (CCE) will work with Permasense to provide business development and customer support to upstream, downstream and mining clients in the Asia Pacific region.

Non-intrusive corrosion and erosion-monitoring systems

The partnership signifies the latest development for Permasense as it implements its global growth strategy. The company is already on track to achieve its revenue target of US$1 million from the Asia Pacific region over the next 12 months.

The non-intrusive corrosion and erosion-monitoring systems use permanently installed sensors that continually measure the wall thickness of fixed equipment, and quickly detect metal loss caused by corrosion or erosion.

Comment from Permasense

Kevin Clarke, Chief Revenue Officer at Permasense, comments: “The Asia Pacific represents a significant growth opportunity for Permasense so we needed a partner we could trust. The combination of CCE’s strong regional presence and specialist corrosion expertise made them the natural choice. Crucially, this partnership will enable Permasense to offer new and existing Asia Pacific clients in-country support.

“This is an exciting time for Permasense as we continue to expand our global footprint, and we’re delighted that we now have a presence in every major oil and gas region. Our ultimate aim is to offer clients local support, regardless of their location.”



Adapted from a press release by Cecilia Rehn

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