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Abrasion resistant product line

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc., an Albany based ceramic technology manufacturer, announces CeraLine™, its new abrasion resistant product line including ceramic lined elbows, pipe and spool linings. Specifically engineered for oilsands and fracking operations, Blasch’s new CeraLine family of products exhibits exceptional wear and abrasion resistance which results in unparalleled life.

In the oilsands, much of the oil is extracted by mining, with hydrotransport (slurry) pipelines that carry the oil laden bitumen from mine sites to refineries. They then return the waste sand and rock back to the mining sites to refill the pits. Ceramic provides a solution to the abrasive nature of the sand as well as a natural resistance to the high acidity of the tar like bituminous oilsands.

“Our research staff continually strives to produce the best and most cutting edge materials and shapes in the industry,” commented Dr. Keith DeCarlo, Blasch Precision Ceramics Research and Development Manager. “The wear and abrasion resistant properties of our CeraLine family of products make them perfect solutions for severe environments present in many processing industries worldwide. Once installed, Blasch’s CeraLine Ceramic Lined Elbows, Pipe and Spool Linings far outlast traditional ceramic lined designs.”

Blasch’s unique casting process facilitates the manufacture of smooth bore, one piece abrasion resistant elbow linings. Pipe diameters ranging from 0.5 in. up to several feet can be lined with Blasch precast tight tolerance shapes available with engineered joints and smooth bore that eliminates premature wear and interrupted flow. Available in a variety of premium refractory materials and complete turnkey units with steel pipe and flanges, these systems are individually engineered to suit specific applications and offer a drop in replacement to existing piping.

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