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New UL safety standards for fuel nozzle valves

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Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has developed stringent new safety standards that take effect on 30 April 2015. The standards have been in the works for many years, primarily to ensure fuel nozzle valves can safely dispense enhanced ethanol and biodiesel blended fuels.

The UL safety standards anticipate the possibility that the US gasoline supply will feature concentrations of ethanol at rates higher than E 10. For example, UL 2586 introduces exposure to more aggressive test fluids, requires that gaskets and seals be make of UL listed rubber materials, and calls for more demanding automatic shut off nozzle valve endurance test requirements. Certain internal nozzle valve materials, which passed safety standards under the previous applicable standard (UL 842), had to be replaced with more expensive materials to be listed under UL 2586.

Also taking effect on 30 April is a requirement that nozzles with latch open devices must be pressure activated or come equipped with an interlock device. This change affects applications where UL listed nozzles are required. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) also advocates this feature to prevent the accidental discharge of fuel from nozzles that are inadvertently stored in a latch open position.

Fuel dispensing operations do not need to replace existing nozzles to meet the new UL standards. However, future nozzle purchases will be covered by the UL standard in place when the product was manufactured.

Husky Corporation fuel nozzle valves for dispensing ethanol blended gasolines, diesel and biodiesel fuels meet the enhanced UL safety standards. The following nozzle products were recently listed under UL 2586, the standard that now covers flammable liquid hose nozzle valves:

  • Husky X family of fuel nozzles.
  • Husky VIII family of fuel nozzles.
  • Husky 1A / 1HS / 1GS.
  • Husky V34.

“Husky is dedicated to continuously improving our fuel dispensing products. We are pleased these nozzle valve products passed the required test procedures to earn listing under the rigorous standards of UL 2586”, said Brad Baker, Husky Corporation Executive Vice President. “UL has been out in front of this issue and we fully support all efforts to enhance fuel dispensing safety standards.”

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

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