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AFPM: eco-terrorist protests could disrupt refinery supplies

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The American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) has slammed eco-terrorists who broke into pipeline facilities near the Canadian border and elsewhere to manually close pipeline valves. AFPM President Chet Thompson said the eco-terrorists were a danger to themselves, workers, and the surrounding communities while also potentially disrupting fuel supplies to refiners and ultimately consumers.

According to reports, activists in Clearbrook, Minnesota, were caught trespassing, and forcing the shutdown of several pipelines. TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline in Walhalla, North Dakota, also saw protestors and closed a line near that location. Spectra Energy’s Express pipeline in Coal Banks Landing, Montana, closed as well in the face of protests. Together these pipelines supply more than 2.5 million bpd of crude oil to American refineries.

“Criminal trespassing, destruction of property, and the creation of potentially unsafe conditions, are not proper forms of protests,” said Thompson. “The belief and politics of a few eco-terrorists do not supersede the rights of millions of consumers who could face increased costs because of reduced supplies of energy.”

AFPM, which represents more than 95% of the fuel and petrochemical manufacturers, works to ensure that fuel transportation is as safe and reliable as possible.

“Pipelines have proven to be the most effective and environmentally sound method of transporting fuels, which are critical to our modern way of life. Eco-terrorists will not win support from consumers or policymakers by disrupting fuel supplies and driving up the costs of products that Americans depend on every day,” said Thompson.

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