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Victory Energy introduces GENESIS® High Temperature Fluid Generators

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Victory Energy, a leading manufacturer of industrial boilers and heat recovery products, has announced the introduction of the new GENESIS High Temperature Fluid Generator product line.

All Genesis High Temperature Fluid Generators, which are provided in different configurations, are uniquely designed to provide users with any high temperature thermal medium at the desired operating pressure to enhance their operations. All units are ideally suited for multiple applications in the petroleum, institutional, utility/power, pulp and paper and chemical processing industries.

GENESIS heats any suitable thermal oil, glycol-water mixture or water, with output capabilities ranging from 5 million Btu/hr, to 200 million Btu/hr. A completely membraned wall furnace provides gas tight construction that offers greater structural integrity while also minimising refractory. Opposed corner headers allow for equal tube lengths and even thermal expansion. This unique design replaces older tangent wall technology, which previously required manually adjustable orifices to distribute flow. This allows GENESIS High Temperature Fluid Generators the ability to easily accommodate high differential temperatures while eliminating hot spots in the generator by controlling fluid flow evenly through the tubes. Integral finned tube convection sections allow for much high heat transfer efficiency in a compact space. The GENESIS design allows for easy addition of condensing heat recovery modules for even higher efficiencies to lower your carbon footprint.

GENESIS units are supported by the Victory Energy Combustion Solutions product offering that features the VISION® Burner to meet any engineered burner configuration that accommodates multiple fuels while meeting emissions requirements.

All GENESIS High Temperature Fluid Generators are fully supported by Victory Energy's aftermarket services team from installation and startup to onsite training and preventative maintenance programmes.

Adapted from press release by Francesca Brindle

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