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Komax Systems launches the Custody Transfer Mixer

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The Komax Custody Transfer Mixer was designed with a very specific purpose: improving the accuracy of flow meters for the custody transfer of oil products.

Nolan Smith, Senior Applications Specialist said, "It's not unusual for companies to contact us with problems that have no clear answer. Sometimes we can fix these with our existing products, but other times we encounter a challenge that requires new ways of thinking. We embrace these questions and work tirelessly to design a solution that provides answers across the board".

The Custody Transfer Mixer uses site specific smart mixing to evenly distribute bottom sediment and water within crude oil while simultaneously straightening flow, thus providing uniform measurements. These two processes correct very minute miscalculations of crude oil consistency. With such a valuable product, the Komax mixer repays its initial price in only a matter of hours.

"Our CT mixers can increase bottom sediment and water detection significantly. Considering how many barrels of crude oil exchange hands during a transfer, it's easy to understand how valuable this product is. Custody Transfer is a continuous process, so if we can do our part to make this market a more accurate science, we are helping everyone from the producers to consumers," said Nolan Smith.

Accurate custody transfer eases the minds of involved parties. With confidence in trade, these actors can focus on other aspects of business and thus strengthen their connections. This mixer has also become an important part of bitumen froth refinement, showing the product's speciality can be applied not only for custody transfer, but within multiple fields. Pairing the mixer with a Direct Steam Heater can greatly improve the heating process by ensuring the heater receives a homogenous input.

A company that evolves with the times is likely to survive, which is why Komax is constantly working to change the way many industries do business.

Adapted from press release by Francesca Brindle

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