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AFPM set a challenge

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The AFPM has responded to’s Global Divestment Day, the latest initiative in its Fossil Free campaign, by challenging founder Bill McKibben to practice what he preaches and abstain from his use of anything to do with fossil fuels for one week.

Charles T. Drevna, AFPM President said, “Mr. McKibben should put his lifestyle where his conviction are. We find Mr. McKibben’s rhetoric most ironic, not to mention totally hypocritical, as he lectures universities, religious institutions, US companies and others to divest from investing in fossil fuels related firms. If he were a person of true conviction, Mr. McKibben would lead the way in divesting himself from the use of any products made from fossil fuels for at least one week.

“So, Mr. McKibben, please abstain from such dreadful activities as brushing your teeth, taking private or public transportation, using a cell phone or computer, going for a run with your favourite athletic shoes, riding your bike or wearing the helmet. And please stay out of the rain, since you won’t be able to use any gear, including the umbrella. If you fall ill from getting caught in the elements without the protective gear, you won’t be able to take any medication to help you recover. Just let us know how you are after one week.”

Edited from press release by Claira Lloyd

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