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World’s largest sulfur melting facility under construction

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Devco has been awarded a project that will include full turnkey plant delivery of what will be the world’s largest sulfur melter. The melter facility is being built for The Mosaic Company, the world’s largest supplier of phosphate and potash with approximately 8900 employees in eight countries.

Devco is utilising core process technology by CTI Consulting out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Devco has a long working partnership with CTI, most recently providing a US$78 million sulfur purification facility for the Mishraq State Sulphur Company, Iraqi Minister of Industry. ISTI Plant Services from Tulsa, Oklahoma will provide fabrication and some construction activities for the project both in Tulsa, and at the site near Lakeland, Florida. Devco has worked with ISTI on multiple large scale natural gas processing facilities built in ISTI’s fabrication facility in Tulsa, and installed in Texas and Louisiana.


Thomas Dombroski, Project Manager, Mosaic said, “Devco has provided Mosaic with a unique and optimised facility design which will allow Mosaic the greatest operational flexibility with optimum safety and environmental considerations.”

Bevan Houston, Director of Business Development, Devco said, “getting the opportunity to build a large project for a world class customer like Mosaic has been very exciting for our company. Devco is pleased to offer our customers a modular concept as part of our design that maximises labour concentration in a fabrication shop environment and provides greater schedule attainment.”

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