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SPE International Heavy Oil Conference and Exhibition

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The second edition of the SPE International Heavy Oil Conference and Exhibition attracted more than 665 attendees from 110 companies.

Nizar M. Al-Adsani, Chief Executive Officer, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, said, “This event focuses on the latest developments and innovation in heavy oil. It is a subject that’s of great importance, both regionally and internationally, as the efficient extraction of heavy oil continues to play an ever-expanding role in meeting global energy demand.

At the opening ceremony, Emad Sultan, Conference Chairman and Deputy CEO, North Kuwait, Kuwait Oil Company, said, “For the Middle East region, the history of heavy oil development and production, is filled with many unique challenges and opportunities as some heavy oil fields are producing and many others are undergoing appraisal and development.

The theme of the conference is “Heavy Oil Innovations Beyond Limitations” as this event will bring a wealth of innovations that have made it possible to achieve significant improvements in heavy oil exploration, development, production and refining in well-known areas, but also from very remote and challenging onshore and offshore regions of the planet.”

Nathan Meehan, 2016 SPE President, said, “The total time to process heavy oil reservoirs is relatively long and we target high recovery factors… projects have relatively high technical recovery factors requiring a long-term commitment. Ultimately the balance of costs and prices will determine our success. However, the heavy oil expert is running a marathon, not a sprint.”

“Kuwait Oil Company’s 2030 strategy is an example of long-term thinking. To achieve the stated goals it will be vital to develop all of the identified significant heavy oil resources in a very efficient and effective manner. The same requirement is present for all other heavy oil resource owners and I hope that the things we learn and share here in the next few days will contribute significantly to accomplishing these objectives.”

The event features 3 days of plenary and panel sessions, technical sessions, knowledge-sharing, ePoster sessions, a Technology Theatre, and a Kuwait Project session. The 1200m2 exhibition features 20 regional and international companies showcasing their advanced innovations in developing heavy oil assets, optimising production and increasing the value as well as the return on investment.

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