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Honeywell supports Ex-Im Bank contributions to Oklahoma economy

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Honeywell showcased the benefits of the US Export-Import Bank on 6 March at a roundtable attended by Congressmen and local leaders at a Honeywell natural gas equipment manufacturing site near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Governor Mary Fallin also voiced her support for the bank.

"The US Export-Import Bank supports American jobs. It ensures US businesses of all sizes can compete in a global economy," said Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote. "Ex-Im gives American businesses the opportunity to sell their goods into some of the fastest growing economies in the world."

Honeywell's UOP business, a leader in refining, petrochemical and natural gas technology, employs 430 people in the Tulsa area. These operations additionally support more than 200 jobs at nearby suppliers.

"Honeywell's UOP sees a tremendous opportunity to export the equipment we make in Oklahoma as more and more countries tap natural gas to meet growing energy needs," said Rajeev Gautam, President and CEO of UOP. "Ex-Im Bank financing is an essential tool that is used judiciously and can level the playing field so we can sell our products in some of the fastest growing economies."

Honeywell is a US headquartered net exporter that leverages Ex-Im Bank financing to support a growing list of foreign customers. Honeywell customers have successfully partnered with the Ex-Im Bank to finance deals in countries around the globe, in markets where traditional lenders simply do not offer the necessary financing. Its UOP business has successfully partnered with Ex-Im to sell technology to the oil and gas industry in emerging markets such as Colombia, Brazil, and Turkey.

Governor Mary Fallin, one of 29 governors who late last year called on Congress to reauthorise the bank, said: "Reauthorising Ex-Im is the right thing to do for our economy, companies and workers. Ex-Im Bank financing has supported nearly US$1 billion in exports from Oklahoma since 2007 It is an essential tool for Oklahoma job creation and economic growth."

"When Honeywell exports its advanced, made in Oklahoma technology with Ex-Im Bank financing, it not only supports jobs at Honeywell's Tulsa plant, it supports workers at dozens of smaller Oklahoma businesses in Honeywell's supply chain," said Hochberg. "With global competition fiercer than ever, Ex-Im Bank levels the playing field for Oklahoma workers."

Honeywell UOP's site in the Port of Catoosa, which hosted the event, produces UOP Russell modular gas equipment, which is used to remove contaminants such as water and sulphur from natural gas, and to recover valuable natural gas liquids such as propane and ethane. Because it employs modular design and construction, UOP Russell equipment can easily be shipped to remote locations where gas is often discovered. Modules fit together quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing construction time and expense.

The event also showcased UOP's Callidus combustion equipment, which include flares used to safely dispose of waste gas, as well as burners, catalytic reduction systems and thermal oxidisers. Callidus equipment is built in Beggs, near Tulsa.

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

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