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CPC Taoyuan receives award for successful start-up of wet gas scrubbing system

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Taiwanese refinery, CPC Taoyuan (CPC), was the recent recipient of the 22nd Public Construction Golden Quality Award for the successful start-up and continuous operation of an MECS® DynaWave® wet gas scrubbing system for flare gas desulfurisation. CPC partnered with Mascol Engineering, Co., Ltd., and Elessent Clean Technologies (Elessent) for the design and provision of the MECS DynaWave system that features reverse jet scrubbing nozzles technology that was designed to remove hydrogen sulfide and wastewater chemical oxygen demand (COD) using high-efficiency soda scrubbing.

The Claus process is the most widely used process to recover sulfur from gaseous hydrogen sulfide (H2)S), but a typical Claus sulfur recovery unit only recovers 95 – 98% of sulfur present. The DynaWave reverse jet scrubber is an open duct in which scrubbing liquid is injected through a non-restrictive reverse jet nozzle, counter-current to the dirty inlet gas. Liquid collides with down-flowing gas to create the 'froth zone' – a region of extreme turbulence with a high rate of mass transfer, and this froth zone technology allows the performance of desulfurisation in a wet gas environment. DynaWave wet gas scrubbing technology provides reliable operations and guaranteed SO2 removal to meet environmental and good neighbour objectives.

This proven technology delivers over 99.9%+ sulfur removal. Mr. Eli Ben-Shoshan, Elessent CEO, said of the project: “We are delighted to be a part of this project and to assist CPC Taoyuan with emissions regulations compliance using our highly efficient and extremely flexible DynaWave® technology. We are committed to providing clean solutions that are specifically designed to address the demands of the oil and gas industry and reduce the environmental impact of refineries on the environment.” The MECS DynaWave scrubbing technology offers robust and effective emissions control through a reverse jet technology that effectively cleans and quenches hot process gases without plugging. Designed to work with a variety of reagents, these systems provide simultaneous control of particulate and acid gas emissions for wide range of industries and applications.

For sulfur recovery unit (SRU) tail gas cleaning, the MECS DynaWave technology makes it possible to quench incinerated gas, remove potential sulfur particulate entrainment, and absorb SO2. The technology offers high turndown capabilities and the unique flexibility of handling extremely high SO2 concentrations when conventional tail gas treatment units (TGTUs) are bypassed during start-up, maintenance, or unexpected outages, ensuring uninterrupted SRU operation with guaranteed low emissions at all times.

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