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UOP technology powers clean fuel refinery in Pakistan

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Honeywell has announced that its UOP process technology and equipment is helping Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) increase its production of high quality gasoline, helping meet growing domestic demand for clean transportation fuels.

PRL commissioned a new unit at its facility in Karachi, Pakistan, doubling its output of high quality gasoline to 24 000 t per month. The facility uses Honeywell UOP’s Penex™ process to produce isomerate, a high value gasoline blending component, to produce environmentally friendlier fuels with reduced emissions. Honeywell UOP delivered the Penex process unit in modular form to help ensure on time delivery and faster start up. The site also uses control systems from Honeywell Process Solutions.

“Delivering the Penex unit as modular equipment, rather than having it built in the field by third parties, means PRL got the unit faster and could be assured of high quality and compliance with strict product specifications,” said Mike Millard, vice president and general manager of Honeywell UOP’s Process Technology & Equipment business. “Combined with leading process and controls technology, PRL can quickly begin to meet growing regional needs for low emission fuels.”

Honeywell's UOP’s Penex process upgrades light naphtha feedstock to produce isomerate, a cleaner gasoline blendstock that does not contain benzene, aromatics or olefins. The process uses Honeywell UOP’s portfolio of proven, high activity isomerisation and benzene saturation catalysts. To date, Honeywell UOP has sold more than 220 Penex units, and its isomerisation catalysts have been loaded into more than 300 units worldwide.

Honeywell UOP’s modular equipment is often ideal for remote locations, short project timelines and regions with limited resources. Modules are built under controlled conditions in fabrication shops and fully inspected prior to shipment. Using Honeywell UOP’s modular solution can save six to 18 months in the total project schedule, further improving project economics. Honeywell UOP offers a full suite of modular refining equipment for a wide range of applications.

In addition to licensing and modular equipment, Honeywell UOP provided PRL with catalysts, adsorbents, engineering, technical support, and a drier regeneration control system for extended catalyst life for the unit. The facility also uses Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), which uses a unified automation system and advanced software applications to increase operator productivity and profitability.

Pakistan Refinery Limited is a hydro-skimming refinery that processes 50 000 bpd of crude oil to meet the strategic and domestic fuel requirements of the country. It is located on the coastal belt of Karachi, Pakistan.

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

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