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US DOE budget requests

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Ernest Moniz, US Secretary of Energy has detailed President Obama’s US$30 billion Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Request for the DOE. The budget is said to continue the Administration’s efforts to invest in America’s future, making critical investments in research, energy and infrastructure that will help support continued economic growth and job creation, in national and energy security, and in addressing the environmental legacy of the Cold War.

Moniz commented, “the President’s Budget Request reflects the Department’s commitment to promoting an all of the above energy strategy that meets our economic and environmental objectives through innovative science, technology and analysis. It also reflects the President’s commitment to maintaining our strategic deterrent without testing and to reducing the danger of having nuclear materials in the wrong hands.”

The details

The FY16 request represents a 9% increase above lat year, reflecting the importance of the DOE’s work in enabling the transition to a low carbon secure energy future through the development of low cost all of the above energy technologies and providing the backbone for America’s research community as the foundation for discovery and innovation. The DOE has said that is also continues important work to protect public health and safety through its commitment to cleaning up the Cold War legacy from nuclear weapons production while also maintaining a safe, secure, and effective nuclear weapons stockpile and advancing the President’s commitment to controlling and eliminating nuclear materials worldwide.

The budget includes US$257 million to modernise and operate the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and US$5.34 billion to strengthen the department’s world leading discovery research across the sciences. The budget also includes US$4.8 billion to address the challenges for continued technological innovation to reduce cost and enhance performance, educate and train the workforce for tomorrow’s energy economy, and modernising domestic energy infrastructure for the 21st century economy.

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