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Innovation at Tank Storage Asia

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Tank Storage Asia has reported that exhibitor bookings are up 50% on this time last year and many of the exhibitors are using the show to launch new technologies, ideas and concepts.

Dynaglass Reinforced Plastic

This Singapore based company will introduce its new Vap-O-Loc GRE Internal Floating Roof. It incorporates a hermetically sealed rigid wall that extends around the edges of the sandwich core construction. The honeycomb core sandwich panels are made from polymer composite material, consisting of millions of air pockets, locked in individual cells, making it virtually impossible to sink. It also reduces levels of volatile hydrocarbon emissions by over 95%.

Valve Concepts

Valve Concepts will present its Model 1078 Blanketing Valve, a pilot operated valve, specifically designed to reduce blanketing gas losses on low pressure storage tanks. It opens and closes automatically, as required to maintain a closely controlled blanket pressure. The design is simple; it increases reliability and also lowers maintenance costs.

Concrete Canvas

At Tank Storage Asia, Concrete Canvas will showcase its flexible concrete impregnated geotextile, which hardens on hydration, to form a thing, durable, fibre reinforced concrete layer. It is low mass and low carbon technology, which uses up to 95% less material than conventional concrete. It is predominantly used for above ground drainage applications. It can also be used for hard armour capping of earth bunds around oil refinery tank farms, munitions depots and flood defences.

Bygging Infrastructure

On display will be the company’s tank lifting and tank welding equipment, including its climbing jacks, which have individual capacities of 12, 18 and 25 t. These jacks come with a lifting hook instead of a lifting arm, which holds and lifts the tank shell from the bottom edge of the plate. The welding of lifting lugs and fend off lugs is eliminated, so there is no need to test and repair shell plates after removing the lugs.

DNR Process Solutions

DNR will be exhibiting its latest management system, Fuel Track. It’s a state of the art bulk terminal resource planning and execution system, designed to effectively manage the complete business workflow of the terminal trading and leasing business environment. The complete single platform solution helps terminals, depots and plant owners maximise profits by optimising operations efficiency, thereby increasing revenues and decreasing costs.

Fort Valve

The MK3 Safeload semi automatic bottom loading coupler will be presented by Fort Valve. It is the only coupler on the market to have an extended wrap around trigger design that follows the profile of the loading adaptor, covering over 60% of the adaptor circumference. This unique feature ensures the maximum safety and security of connection between the adaptor and coupler, reducing the risk of product leakage. The increased surface area contact, in comparison with conventional narrow triggers, significantly reduces wear to both the triggers and the adaptor, which prolongs the serviceable life of both units.

Energy Solutions International

PipelineOptimiser will be showcased by Energy Solutions International. This is an offline software package used for pipeline engineering and planning. It allows companies to save time, power and money by operating more efficiently and effectively. It performs accurate pipeline simulations to analyse the effect of various pipeline routes, pump station locations, pump unit selections and configurations, and pipe properties, using a succession of steady state models that accurately describe pipeline physics in non-transient situations.


Scanjet will be introducing SC 60A. IT is an advanced tank cleaning nozzle system, which is specifically designed for crude oil tanks, where tank entry is limited. The SC 60A has the ability to enter the tank, via the support legs on floating roof tanks, as well as through other openings that may be available on the tank. It can also be programmed for specific cleaning patterns.

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