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Atlas Copco expands compressor range

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Starting mid-2016, even more of Atlas Copco’s GA oil-injected rotary screw compressors will be available with the ground breaking and energy saving variable speed drive plus (VSDplus) technology.

In 2013, Atlas Copco introduced the next generation of its revolutionary variable speed drive technology – VSDplus. It allows energy savings of, on average, 50% compared to conventional compression and gives GA compressors a much smaller footprint.

Atlas Copco has been phasing in this new technology. Until now, only GA 7-37 compressors came with VSDplus. But that will change soon. Starting in mid June, all pack and full feature versions of the GA 37, GA 45, GA 55 and GA 75 kW compressors will also be available worldwide with VSDplus technology.

“For Atlas Copco customers, this means they can get a proven, high quality product that delivers significant energy savings and efficiency,” said Bert Derom, Vice President of Marketing of the Atlas Copco Industrial Air Division. “The GA range is one of our most beloved and trusted products,” said Derom. “For us, this also symbolises a way to reward customer loyalty by improving a product that they had already been very satisfied with.”

A VSD compressor automatically adjusts its motor and element speed to the air demand. A traditional fixed speed compressor is either on or off. A VSD only runs at the required speed, considerably cutting energy use and costs.

An Atlas Copco GA VSDplus compressor features an iPM (Permanent Magnet) motor, a new compression element and a sentinel valve. These new technologies allow it to deliver even more energy savings than the first generation of VSD compressors. Free Air Delivery (FAD) and Specific Energy Requirement (SER) both improved by up to 9%. This means customers get up to 9% more air while using up to 9% less energy with the GA VSDplus compared to the GA VSD.

The GA VSDplus fits better in confined spaces. The GA 7-75 VSDplus models are smaller and taller than the traditional GA (VSD) range, offering a smaller footprint. The compressors produce only 67dB, one of the lowest noise levels in the industry. This means they can be installed on the work floor instead of in a separate space.

Adapted from press release by Francesca Brindle

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