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Sulzer Chemtech at ACHEMA

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

At Achema, Sulzer announced the introduction of a new high performance product, the NeXRing random packing. This packing is the first development of Sulzer’s high performance ‘NeXt’ packing family. It is designed for use in all random packing applications and provides significant benefits in efficiency and capacity when compared to the generic random packing. It has been tested both in house and at an independent US test centre to verify its performance.

The NeXRing packing benefits from a large uniform open area regardless of the orientation of the ring ensuring high capacity. Good exposure of surface area to liquid and vapour minimises dry zones on the packing surface. The optimised surface structure of the NeXRing can be used in a wide variety of applications in particular for high bed heights where a sound mechanical strength of the rings is required. NeXRing random packing can replace all standard random packings and will provide higher capacity and/or efficiency depending on the actual situation.

Edited from press release by Claira Lloyd

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