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Schneider Electric releases Wonderware IntelaTrac 5.0

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Schneider Electric has released its Wonderware IntelaTrac 5.0 software, featuring a modernized customer experience leveraging Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro. Schneider Electric has taken the core capabilities of its IntelaTrac offering and built a new user interface following Microsoft Windows 8 standards. This is the first step in expanding the offering to new commercially available hardware platforms, an effort that will be extended to include a solution for Android and iOS devices.

IntelaTrac software enables best business practices. A mobile data collection application, it configures and executes scheduled or on demand data collection activities to support operations, maintenance, engineering and other plant and field personnel. The software is used to complete operator rounds, preventive maintenance inspections, safety inspections and other data driven tasks and procedures.

Key benefits:

  • Modernised user experience.
  • Robust solution offered on commercially viable hardware.
  • Provide operators with devices that are easy to use and easily accepted and/or adopted.
  • Provides a more ergonomic user experience via a touch centric interface.

Key capabilities:

  • Standalone procedural driven mobile data collection for assets typically found in production environments or geographically dispersed locations.
  • Planned/scheduled data collection tasks.
  • Online/offline data collection in support of disconnected environments.
  • Mobile data collection in hazardous environments, e.g. support for ruggedized devices.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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