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High pressure filter assemblies

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Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Swift-JB International, LLC has announced a line of high-pressure T-Type filter assemblies. The assemblies feature all stainless steel construction for both filter housing and for filter elements. With working pressures up to 20 000 psi, the filters are intended for extreme environments such as those found in the offshore oil industry, chemical processing, hydraulics, power generation, automotive and other demanding applications.

The FJV-3 Series high pressure filters use porous metal felt filter elements that employ filter media of thin filaments of non-woven stainless steel, making them ideal for highly corrosive, highly viscous or radioactive applications. Because it is highly porous (up to 85%), metal felt media provides very high flow rates of up to 20 times those of other media while also providing exceptionally long life.

Random fibre filtration can provide absolute particle retention, longer on-stream time and high dirt-holding capacity for under 60 micron filter elements. Although more expensive, it often offers clear advantages over wire cloth, sintered metal or non-metallic fibres. Its high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance combined with almost unending cleanability, make it highly economical for hostile environments.

Metal felt filter elements are often found in demanding applications such as chemical and catalyst recovery, polymer filtration, aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical, nuclear venting, food and beverage and refinery uses.

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

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