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Coulson develops innovative blasting technology

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Coulson Ice Blast has announced the launch of its revolutionary model: Generation One. By producing frozen water particles, and then propelling those ice particles at high speeds, Coulson Ice Blast has created an industrial cleaning solution that cleans, decontaminates, and prepares surfaces.

Coulson Ice Blast provides the same benefits as existing technologies with negligible airborne contaminants, no additional media, and zero chemicals. "The decision to redevelop and refine the technology all comes down to providing the best value without sacrificing cleaning effectiveness," explained Foster Coulson, Ice Blast's General Manager. "Current cleaning processes also require rigorous attention to safety procedures, some of which we can eliminate with our new technology."

The company's primary focus is to redefine the meaning of clean by producing the greenest, most effective industrial cleaning technology in the world to replace existing methods that harms the environment. Coulson Ice Blast seizes the opportunity to innovate in industrial cleaning, where there hasn't been much change over the last 50 years. Ice blasting has a track record of excellence in many industries such as petrochemical, pulp and paper, nuclear decontamination, and deburring.

Coulson Ice Blast is a subsidiary of the Coulson Group of Companies, which was founded in 1960. Through more than fifty years of innovation and diversification, the company has expanded into many global markets including timber harvesting, aviation, and gaming. In 2012, Coulson Group acquired Universal Ice Blast, the company who initially founded and produced the patented ice blast technology and has worked to improve and refine the technology.

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

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