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Atlas Copco improves compressors

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The Atlas Copco GA range has always set the bar for oil injected rotary screw compressors: reliable, efficient and quiet operation in one compact box. Now, the newly updated GA 30plus, GA 37 and GA 45 perform even better, offering a smaller footprint and lower noise.

With noise levels as low as 65 dB(A), the improved GA range is extremely quiet. It features a more compact design as well as a Free Air Delivery (FAD) and a Specific Energy Requirement (SER) that have been improved by 1% respectively.

“We are very aware of our role as a global technology leader and that responsibility helps push us to continue to improve our products. Our customers expect nothing less of us,” said Bert Derom, Vice President of Marketing of the Atlas Copco Industrial Air Division. “The improved GA 30plus, GA37 and GA45 are a powerful, yet quiet, onsite production partner our customers can count on for years to come.”

The GA 30plus, GA 37 and GA 45 offer an ‘all in one package’ with an integrated refrigerant dryer built into the canopy. The compressors also come with the Elektronikon® controller and Smartlink® for remote management.

The low noise levels of GA 30plus, GA 37 and GA 45 make it possible to install the units on the work floor instead of in a separate compressor room. This placement close to the point of use sharply reduces energy consumption and helps to cut costs.

Because of their strong performance, the GA 30plus, GA 37 and GA 45 can be used in virtually any industrial setting, including in harsh environments and high ambient temperatures.

Adapted from press release by Francesca Brindle

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