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New oil analysis benefits

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Millers Oils has launched its oil analysis service into the industrial market, enabling manufacturers to monitor the health of their machinery and equipment. The results of the analysis can accurately predict component water and lubrication life, helping manufacturers to reduce costs, carry out predictive maintenance and better anticipate repairs.

The analysis identifies and quantifies wear metals, additives and contaminants in the lubricant. From this data, a report is created, highlighting any unusual characteristics. This can be used to determine the health of the machinery and identify potential issues. For example, if high levels of iron are present, the analysis will investigate the smaller quantities of alloying elements that give steel different qualities. If this find that there is 1 – 2% chromium for every 100 ppm of iron, it could indicate a failing rolling element bearing, where as an issue with the gears is more likely if there is 2 – 3 ppm for every 100 ppm of iron.

The analysis also tests the viscosity of the machinery’s oil to ascertain if there have been any changes to the lubricant since it was first used. Changes to an oil’s viscosity can be caused by exposure to excessive heat, if it has been in the equipment too long or the machinery is overheating, or it can be due to contamination.


MillerCare is available in two tiers; basic and advanced. Basic includes the detailed report as discussed, advanced enables manufacturers to do multiple samples to produce a trend graph. By submitting two samples over six months, for example, the customer can monitor an issue highlighted in the first test and see how it has progressed.

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