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Bartec at ACHEMA 2015

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Agile X

Agile X industrial tablet PC is the world’s thinnest purpose built UL Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2 device for enterprise use in rugged environments. Workers in the field increasingly need access to corporate information and systems. Wireless LAN and optional LTE modules on the Agile X provide real time data transfer and uninterrupted connectivity that field workers need to bring their office to the Ex area. Therefore the Agile X is the perfect device for technicians, engineers and managers in the field. In addition to the integrated barcode scanner, the tablet PC also features a rear side expansion slot, allowing the tablet to be extended with further data capture options such as a RFID reader.

Heating cables

Bartec has completed its portfolio of heating cables for electric trace heating. The newly developed, self limiting MSB heating cables close the gap between the self limiting PSB and HSB heating cables that are currently available. They are suitable for use in the T4 temperature class and are heat resistant up to 150°C. For safety reasons, the heating cables are approved for maximum operating temperatures of 110°C when on and 130°C when off.

In a first for heating cables, MSB heating cables do entirely without fluorinated plastics. They are completely halogen free, releasing no toxic or caustic gases in a fire or after disposal. Thanks to the TPC sheathing, the heating cables are resistant to corrosion and the chemical effects of oils, lubricants and virtually all chemicals. In contrast to standard fluoropolymer heating cables, the investment costs are considerably lower in an MSB heating circuit.


The fibre optic hygrometer HYGROPHIL F from Bartec has been setting standards in trace moisture measurement for decades. Particularly in the areas of natural gas and feed in of biogas, The HYGROPHIL F 5673 is convincing due to its benefits. Whether during gas exploration or generation, gas transport or at grid interconnection points and feed in points, checking the gas quality and thus the moisture content is permanently necessary.

It is tailored precisely to the applications and able to serve up to three measuring points. By means of calculating the moisture content in accordance with DIN EN ISO 18453, it delivers the currently most precise indication of pressure based moisture content in mg/m3 as required in the DVGW Guideline G260 for feeding in gas. The system can be used in power to gas applications, because the sensor is also applicable in other media and even liquids.


PLEXO TCS is a plug and socket connection, splice and end termination system for self limiting heating cables used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Installation time and expense are substantially reduced with its patented sealing and terminal method. Maintenance work or future modifications/rebuilds on the heating circuit can be carried out very flexibly. According to the latest version of standard EN 60079-0:2009, the PLEXO TCS system is approved for a temperature range from -60°C to 180°C.

The system can be used as a service opening in heating circuits and may be opened and closed as required, even in potentially explosive areas. Heating circuits can thus be quickly checked. This allows effective maintenance or replacement of system components also in Ex areas, without the need for additional replacement parts or wiring work. PLEXO enables direct connection of the heating cable to a supply cable to link to a remote junction box or a connection housing. Two identical heating cables can be joined to each other with a dedicated PLEXO splice plug and socket connection sleeve as a service and maintenance opening. The heating cable end termination allows easy future retrofit extensions of the heating circuit.


Explosion proof panel PCs for controlling and visualising processes onsite make machines and systems more user friendly, highly available and cost efficient. The POLARIS series even increases this benefit, because it does not only satisfy the explosion protection, but, with its sophisticated system design, it also satisfies the high IT safety requirements, which have to be fulfilled.

As an alternative to Windows Explorer, the remote panels are equipped with the ZeroClient Shell developed by Bartec in house, in a user friendly tile design. The functionalities of the POLARIS devices are thereby limited to a minimum. For the user, the log in into the server is automated by preconfiguration. The user only has access to the functions, which are needed for the task. In addition, the operating system is reduced such that data carriers cannot be used via the USB interface, because they are blocked.

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