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Hoerbiger at ACHEMA 2015

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

eHydroCOM system

Hoerbiger eHydroCOM is a fully electric, stepless capacity control system for reciprocating compressors. Compared to traditional control methods, such as simple bypass control, variable clearance pocket control, recirculation valves, or speed control, eHydroCOM lowers energy consumption by as much as 40%. The system is easy to install, calibrate, and operate, making it also suitable for retrofitting existing compressor equipment.

Following the trend toward faster, more flexible production, Hoerbiger offers a new, all electric capacity control unit for reciprocating compressors. Particular emphasis was placed during development on the option of easily retrofitting existing equipment. The Hoerbiger eHydroCOM capacity control system does away with all hydraulic components and is connected to the control cabinet only via data and power cables. Designed for extremely long maintenance intervals, the new unit minimises energy and maintenance costs alike.


Hoerbiger TriVAX™ is the reengineered electrohydraulic solution for intelligent automated valve actuators made by Hoerbiger. This performance defining component reverses the trend of complex systems, without compromising safety. The smart partial stroke test (sPST), a new safety function, drastically reduces maintenance related plant downtime and extends maintenance intervals to five years. Hoerbiger TriVAX™ blends maximum safety standards with extremely simple installation and operation, and monitoring of all functions and remote maintenance from a central control station.

With its new automated valve actuators TriVAX™ and TriVAX™ flex, Hoerbiger demonstrates that ‘faster, higher, further’ is not an end in itself, but that manufacturers must always keep the needs of the users in mind. These electrohydraulic actuators are a new class of their own. Designed as compact units, they are quick to install, requiring only electrical supply and bus connections. All drive components are accommodated in the encapsulated housing. The integrated electronics unit monitors operation and automatically triggers safety functions as needed, such as quick closing, or carries out an sPST.


Making its debut, the Hoerbiger XP reciprocating compressor valve with new PowerPEEK™ material combines outstanding efficiency with high reliability, yielding previously unachieved operating times in process gas applications. The robust design meets the requirements of the larger cylinders, higher pressures, and the gas and piston velocities characteristic of modern reciprocating compressors designed with a maximum of two to four valves per cylinder end. The Hoerbiger XP valve with PowerPEEK™ technology keeps pace with the sharply increased loads found during variable operating conditions, without compromising energy savings, reliability, or flow control flexibility.

Modern reciprocating compressors are reliable, high performance machines. However, their high power densities and small footprints mean increased operating loads. At the same time, they are also expected to adapt rapidly to changes in required pressures and flowrates. This brings a requirement for correspondingly robust yet flexible compressor components.

Valves are decisive in determining the performance and reliability of a compressor. Only modern valve technology supports the high gas flowrates and numbers of operating cycles needed to guarantee efficient flow control and support flexible system operations in a refinery, chemical plant, or other processing facility. The high degree of controllability of the Hoerbiger XP valve allows operators to take full advantage of modern flow control systems such as Hoerbiger’s eHydroCOM.


Conventional packings for compressor piston rods tend to suffer from latent gas leakage. The new sealing system Hoerbiger XperSEAL marks an innovative technological turning point. The zero leakage technology of Hoerbiger XperSEAL is based on a known principle: a pressurised volume of oil completely surrounds the reciprocating rod, forming an insurmountable barrier for the gas compressed in the compressor. This creates reliable, no leak sealing for the entire service life of a compressor. The radically new sealing system is fail safe, easy to retrofit in all existing compressor models, and requires no more oil than conventional lubricated packings.

Aftersales service

The Hoerbiger REE audit makes reciprocating compressor operators aware of the present performance level of their equipment and forms the basis for suggestions on how to boost the reliability, efficiency, and environmental compliance of entire compressor fleets. This Hoerbiger service offering is a new approach for operators of refineries, and oil, gas, and process industry plants.

Edited from various sources by Claira Lloyd

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