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Berndorf showcases steel belt technology at ACHEMA

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Berndorf Band GmbH showcased a number of new technologies for steel belts at ACHEMA 2015 in Frankfurt.

NICRO 85 stainless steel for steel belts

Berndorf Band is the first steel producer to use NICRO 85 stainless steel grade for in endless condition manufactured steel belts.

NICRO 85 is a super duplex material, which offers high static and dynamic strength, and increased resistance against chloride induced stress corrosion cracking as well as against pitting and crevice corrosion. Such corrosion can occur especially in aggressive environments, for instance in sulfur cooling lines of refineries in hot and humid locations close to the sea. All applications which show an increased corrosion risk are potential applications for NICRO 85 steel belts. The new material has already proven its quality in sulfur applications at a major refinery in Spain.

NICRO 85 stainless steel for in endless condition manufactured steel belts.

NICRO 85 belts are available in standard dimensions of 1200 mm by 1.0 mm and 1500 mm by 1.0 mm; other widths are available by request. The new material fulfils all other quality criteria for which steel belts from Berndorf Band are renowned: flatness, straightness, tracking and vee rope adhesion.

New modular double belt press

Berndorf Band Engineering GmbH, a subsidiary of Berndorf Band, is introducing a new modular double belt press for the polymer industry in summer 2015. It uses Berndorf Band’s steel belts together with related process expertise. The new system provides high efficiency production of sheet products such as composites (fibre reinforced thermoplastics) in endless processes. Typical users are the automotive, aerospace and electrical industries, as well as the construction industry and manufacturers of wind turbines and sporting goods.

A key feature of the new double belt press is its modular design. Any number of different modules and components can be combined to optimise each production process.

These comprise Fixed Roller Modules (FRM), Roller Carpet Modules (RCM) and Sliding Plate Modules (SPM), each with different properties. The Fixed Roller Modules and the Roller Carpet Modules can reach temperatures up to 400°C. The Roller Carpet Module creates pressures up to 5 Megapascal (725 PSI).

The first installation of the new double belt press will comprise five modules, within Berndorf’s test centre in Austria, in summer 2015. Customers can test and optimise their own production processes there, from 3Q15. Berndorf Band will be able to develop custom installations for these customers based on the results.

Alternatively, customers can request for the test installation in Berndorf to be dismantled and reinstalled at other sites if it is not possible to transport semi finished goods, or there are other reasons against tests in Berndorf.

Casting of films for TFT LCD monitors on high mirror polished steel belts

High mirror polished steel belts, which allow the casting of high precision optical films for production of TFT LCD monitors, are being offered by Berndorf Band. The exacting requirements for optical products can be met only by supersmooth (unoriented) polishing and the use of steel of the highest purity.

Berndorf Band has developed ‘Nano Polishing’ to meet the increasing surface quality demands for its steel belts. Another process can correct respectively repair flaws down to a few micrometres. This allows users of these steel belts to achieve the highest quality shown by solvent based films and foils cast on steel belt surfaces.

High mirror polished steel belts allow the casting of high precision optical films that can be used in the production of TFT LCD monitors.

Berndorf Band can also provide polished belts with widths over three metres. To produce these, Berndorf Band developed a special longitudinal welding process. The number of longitudinal welding seams is defined by the casting process specifications of the end product.

In addition to the supply of steel belts, a Berndorf Band subsidiary, Berndorf Band Engineering, offers leading edge technology for film and foil casting lines.

Berndorf Band also supplies steel belts with the surface quality required to produce acrylic sheet, filter membranes, ceramic films and other technical films. For these applications, NICRO 12.1 and NICRO 22 V steel grades are used to take advantage of their special properties.

Adapted from press releases by Rosalie Starling

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