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FLEXIM develops new flow meter for the hydrocarbon processing industry

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Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The demands of the hydrocarbon processing industry towards flow meters go far beyond those common to standard applications, as the viscosity of most hydrocarbons is highly dependable on temperature and pressure, which significantly affects the sonic velocity of the fluid. However, this also means that most hydrocarbons can be easily distinguished from one another by knowing its sonic velocity, and compensating for temperature and pressure.

The FLUXUS HPI meter combines previously independent, and therefore error prone, measurement systems into one integral system. By measuring the temperature, pressure and sonic velocity of the media flowing through a pipe, the FLUXUS HPI firmware computes the fluids density and identifies the liquid by comparing the measured data with its internal library. The technology offers accurate fluid identification and precise measurement of standard volume and mass flow according to Industry Standard Algorithms, such as TP-25, ASTM D1250 and D4311, as well as the clear detection of an interface change, which occurs when several fluids are successively passing through a pipe. Such a sharp interface detection is clearly indicated at terminals when tankers or barges are offloaded, or when different liquid streams are allocated through a unified pipeline system and the amount of Transmix has to be kept to a minimum.

Due to their high accuracy and repeatability, FLUXUS HPI meters are also an ideal solution for pipeline supervision and a proper leak management. Product batches can be tracked during transportation and potential leaks can easily be revealed, helping to prevent oil spills.

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

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