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New chemistry for high TAN corrosion control

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

For petroleum refiners, improving profitability by processing high acid opportunity crude required an investment in high temperature corrosion protection. Investing in metallurgy delays profit improvement and return on capital is uncertain. Conventional chemical inhibitors require high phosphorous treat rates which introduce fouling and operating risks that have deterred acceptance of chemical solutions.

In response, Dorf Ketal Chemicals LLC, a specialty chemical company serving the downstream refining and petrochemical industries, has introduced TANSCIENTTM, a breakthrough in corrosion science. TANSCIENT offers more effective passivation and ongoing protection with up to 80% less phosphorous than competitor HTCI products.

P.N. Ramaswamy, Director, Technical Services at Dorf Ketal Chemicals (i) Pvt. Ltd., commented: “TANSCIENT is effective at concentrations significantly below the recommended phosphorous specification of the Canadian Crude Producers Associations, 0.5 ppm P, a limit that has been reinforced by catalyst manufacturers. High phosphorous treat rates with traditional phosphate ester programs may impair the downstream unit catalyst increasing fresh catalyst addition and may potentially foul the hydrotreater, decreasing the run length of the unit. TANSCIENT avoids this risk”.

“refiner confidence in this new technology is changing perspectives on the use of chemistry”, said Jim Ondyak, Executive Vice President of Dorf Ketal. “The improved level of safety, reliability, efficiency, and cleanliness in corrosion protection offered with this chemistry is changing operating strategies for taking advantage of high TAN opportunity crudes”.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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