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Zeus launches high temperature line of polymer tubing

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Zeus, a global leader in material science and polymer extrusions, now offers an array of extruded products that maintain excellent electrical properties at high continuous service temperatures of up to 300° C / 572° F.

Zeus unveiled its new NeoTem™ fluropolymer line at the Offshore Technology Conference held recently in Houston. Through extensive research, Zeus has developed processes to extrude ECCtreme® ECA 3000 by DuPont™ – the first perfluoroplastic that breaks the maximum temperature threshold of 260° C/500° F – into heat shrinkable tubing, insulated wire, drawn fibre and extruded tubing.

Prior to NeoTem™, polymer tubing and products had a maximum temperaturethreshold of 260° C / 500° F. The new engineered polymer possesses excellent dielectric strength, chemical resistance and permeation resistance, even at extreme temperatures.

“Zeus is excited to offer NeoTem™ because it is the 572 degree polymer solution engineers have been seeking,” said Rob Hall, vice president of engineered extrusions at Zeus. “The ability of this polymer to retain its mechanical integrity in high thermal environments such as SAGDs will pave the way for applications in numerous industries. Zeus NeoTem™ represents a breakthrough not only for Zeus, but also for the industries we serve.”

Zeus currently extrudes NeoTem™ for application in automotive, aerospace, fibre optics, semiconductor and petroleum exploration industries.

Adapted from press release by Hannah Priestley-Eaton

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