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Cameron’s new subsea solutions

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Cameron announced two new products, Cognition™ Stack Instrumentation Infrastructure Package and the EVO® 300 Bonnet™ technology, at the 2014 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas.


President of Drilling and Production Systems, Gary Halverson, commented: “Monitoring the condition of a subsea BOP to more intelligently perform maintenance and respond to emergencies is of great importance to Cameron’s drilling customers. We intend to lead the industry in the application of monitoring technology to make drilling safer and more efficient.”

Meeting the industry’s growing need for condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance, the Cognition Package offers a new way to monitor subsea blowout preventer (BOP) stack functions from the surface while the stack is deployed subsea. The Cognition Package provides a network of new sensors, resilient communication paths to transmit sensor data to the surface, and the analytics, alerts and alarms to turn the data into insights about the condition of the subsea BOP.

Cognition features

The Cognition package is composed of five main components:

  1. An array of new sensors capture data from the subsea BOP, including ram position, hydraulic fluid condition, stack accumulator bottle fluid volume, pressure and temperature, solenoid performance, and connector unlatch pressure.
  2. Sensor Interface Box (SIB) aggregates data from 80-plus sensors to capture subsea stack operation data. Four SIBs each store Cognition package and BOP control system data, providing redundancy.
  3. Wireless Stingers provide inductive data and power transfer between the lower stack and the LMRP. Removing metal-to-metal contacts results in more reliable long-term operation than 'traditional' wet-mate connections.
  4. The Cognition package provides four, redundant ways to transmit data from the subsea BOP to the surface, increasing data availability in an emergency. The data retrieval paths are: data-over-power via the main umbilicals, acoustic transducers, ROV connections, or via the system’s black box. The subsea black box records and stores three weeks of time-stamped data. In the event of an incident, the black boxes can be recovered by ROV for forensic data analysis.
  5. Cognition Knowledge Base provides advanced analytics, alerts, alarms, and reports that synthesize both real-time and historic BOP data into useful information. Using Cameron’s On Track™ system, Cognition Knowledge Base BOP information and information from other drilling equipment on the rig can be gathered and presented to the driller, as well as drilling contractor, operator, or Cameron personnel on the rig and onshore.

EVO 300 Bonnet

In addition to the Cognition package, Cameron introduced the EVO 300 Bonnet. This product addresses drillers’ need to shear stronger, thicker tubulars and seal the well bore. Building on Cameron’s proven EVO BOP technology, the new bonnet provides 54% greater ram closing force compared to earlier bonnets.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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