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Bredero Shaw’s complete coating assurance model

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Bredero Shaw has implemented its Complete Coating Assurance model, the first and only offshore pipeline coating model that ensures successful performance throughout the project.

With six significant elements, including Engineering Services, Pipe and Joint Coating Design, Coating System Validation, Logistics Management, Pipe Coating Application, and Field Joint Coating, Complete Coating Assurance meets today’s offshore challenges. Its prime purpose is to reduce project risk, schedule risk, and performance risk.

Compatibility is key

Bredero Shaw believes it is imperative to design line pipe and field joint coating systems up front to achieve compatibility.

The company’s coating specialists draw from a wide range of advanced coatings to create the right system for the application, including proposed materials, geometries, temperature ranges and field practices.

Appropriate coating systems can be quickly qualified to meet specific objectives and operating conditions.

The bend test is one of the tests used to validate reeling capability of coating.

Paying attention to how coatings behave

Bredero Shaw applies extensive knowledge of how coating products respond to the effects of temperature, water exposure and hydrostatic loading over time. Specialists explore various ways to optimize manufacturing and logistics, from pipe fabrication and handling to pipe lay to final operation. The focus is on coating performance, but the goal is to deliver maximum quality, efficiency and compliance for the entire project.

As the project gets closer to deployment, plans can be adapted to changing parameters. With customer input at every project phase, the best technical solution for current factors and conditions can be determined. Finally, customers receive a design report that outlines all details and assumptions for the lifetime performance of the system.

Complete Coating Assurance is the first and only offshore pipeline coating model that meets offshore challenges directly and solves them.

The model’s six elements comprise a complete system that delivers coating integrity across the entire pipeline.

Through this fully integrated programme, Bredero Shaw meets its goal: performing at depth for decades, and reducing risk throughout the life of the pipeline.

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