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TODO couplers from Emco Wheaton

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

When the Turkish Rail Authority was looking for a way to reduce theft of fuel from its fleet, Emco Wheaton engineers responded to the challenge with an innovative anti-theft solution. The TODO-MATIC adaptor, which is mounted on the railcar, incorporates a switch that sense the magnet another mounted on both the coupler and the adaptor cap. This connection generates an ‘on/off’ signal which alerts the locomotive driver if a coupler or cap is disconnected from an adaptor without the authority or at the wrong time. The coupler, cap and adaptor are designed as such that when correctly joined the magnet and switch will align.

Emco Wheaton’s Sales Manager for TODO products Rob Williams said: “When the cap is removed by an unauthorised person, a magnetic switch fitted on the Tank Unit immediately sends a signal to a control unit in the driver’s cab. By notifying the driver of the unauthorised removal of the cap, it leads to a reduced chance of stolen fuel”.

The standard TODO-MATIC Tank Unit is ideal for safe and spill-free transfer of aggressive fuels and chemicals. It is available in a range of size and seal variants all offering the same high quality that the market expects of all TODO products.

Offering low pressure drop performance as well as additional security, the tank unit uses flow optimised internal components with taper valve seating. A piston stem arrangement allows close fitting to associated valves without interference. Unlike other designs in the market, the piston support structure is fully secured to prevent dislocation in high flow or viscous product transfer. In sizes 1 – 6 in. and a wide range of material options, TODO-MATIC couplings offer advanced fluid handling solutions to a diverse range of industries.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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