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Porocel introduces technology for restoring spent catalysts

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Porocel International, LLC, has announced the commercialisation of its patented ExcelSM rejuvenation process for restoring spent hydrotreating catalysts to near fresh activity.

The ExcelSM rejuvenation process applies proprietary additives to regenerated catalyst to redisperse active metals. “It’s a two step process,” said Peter Douvry, Porocel’s Business Development Manager. “Beginning with thermal regeneration to remove carbon and sulphur followed by our proprietary chemical treatment which restores or stabilises both Type I and Type II active sites. With this process, refiners now have access to high activity catalysts with more favourable economics than using fresh.”

Pilot plant studies conducted by Porocel demonstrated catalyst activity was consistently restored to more than 90% of original activity, making the catalysts suitable for operations processing everything from naphtha to heavy gas oil. The ExcelSM process is applicable to Porocel regenerated catalysts or the refiner’s catalysts. High quality, uncontaminated spent catalysts are used with the process to help meet stringent physical and chemical properties.

Refiners in the US and Europe have confirmed ExcelSM rejuvenation’s performance gains through independent testing. Multiple start ups using ExcelSM technology are slated for later this year.

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

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