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Superior composite technology

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Belzona’s high tech pipe wrap repair system has undergone a major reformulation and enhancement.

Belzona Research and Development Manager, Jevon Pugh, said: “Following the success and popularity of Belzona SuperWrap over the course of seven years, our R&D team has been busy developing and redesigning numerous aspects of the technology to create a superior composite repair and protection system, Belzona SuperWrap II”.

Belzona SuperWrap II has achieved compliance with industry standards; ISO 24817 (Composite Repairs for Pipework) and ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1 (Nonmetallic Composite Repair Systems: High Risk Applications).

The new wrap system comprises of two Belzona products; a cold curing fluid grade epoxy resin and a hybrid reinforcement sheet consisting of glass fibre and carbon fibres, which have been woven together to give an optimized balance of strength and flexibility.

In order to achieve a versatile product, SuperWrap II is now available with two different resin grades, Belzona 1981 and Belzona 1982. The main difference between these resin grades is the end service temperature and working life of the resin. Belzona 1981 has been developed for cool ambient temperatures above 5°C and has a maximum service temperature up to 60°C, while Belzona 1982 has been designed for warm ambient temperatures above 20°C and has a maximum temperature of up to 80°C.

Quick and easy application

The fluid grade product and simple wet out procedure enables quick application times along with wet on wet application procedure.

      First apply the selected resin grade product, Belzona 1981 or Belzona 1982, to the blasted substrate.
      On to this, the Belzona 9381 reinforcement sheet, wetted with the selected low density resin, is spiral wound onto the repair area, adding strength.
      When all wraps have been applied to specification, further resin grade product is then applied on top of the reinforcement layers if required.
      The repair is then consolidated by tightly wrapping the Belzona 9382 Release Film over the repair area, ensuring a high quality laminate, with no entrapment or voids.

    Because this system uses higher density carbon and glass reinforcement than most, typically only three or four spirals or wraps are required, significantly cutting application time when compared to other systems.

    Theoretical and practical training

    In addition to improving the material’s characteristics, Belzona has also perfected the theoretical and practical training course to ensure Belzona SuperWrap II designers, installers and supervisors are fully trained and proficient in the use of the system.

    Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey

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