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Imenco cameras ranked ‘top of class’ in independent trials

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

One of the world’s largest ROV manufacturers recently ran a series of independent trials comparing subsea cameras from eleven different manufacturers to establish what would be the best cameras to fit to its future fleet of ROVs.

Of the seven manufacturers whose products were tested against a variety of criteria, Imenco’s subsea Bull Shark HD-SDi camera and Hammerhead Shark SD Colour Zoom camera came out top of the scorecard result tables.

‘Top of class’ ranking
Stuart McConnell, General Manager of Imenco UK Ltd said, “This is a great result for Imenco. We have consistently promoted the quality of our camera range to the market since opening the UK office in 2010. An independent test by such a world leading organisation, proving our products to be overall ‘top of class’, can only help our future sales activities and get us into the forefront of specifiers and buyers minds.”

Mr McConnell went on to say “The company have also created a specific adapter so that the Tiger Shark Digital Stills camera can be used on all their ROVs”.

Competitive trials
The seven manufacturers tested were: Imenco, Kongsberg, Bowtech, Insite Pacific, Sidus, ROS and SubC Imaging.

Tests covered colour accuracy, perceived sharpness of the camera image, image distortion, and signal-to-noise ratio.

New products
Imenco’s Shark Range includes HD-SDi, Low-Light, Wide Angle, Digital Stills and Zoom cameras rated from 500msw to 6000msw dependent on the chosen housing and the job the camera has to perform for the customer. The company is launching several new mechanical and electronic products to market over the coming six months. Electronic NPD includes delivery of the Thresher Shark, the sectors smallest HD-SDi, Wide Angle, 6000msw rated camera, the launch of the Sea LED 300 floodlight, and a SMART camera and data acquisition platform.

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

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