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World's first real time fluid level measurement technology

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Reservoir Management Services, a developer of oil and gas well optimisation technology, has introduced the world's first and only surface mounted fluid level monitor that can maximise well productivity and protect pump equipment in real time.

The company's newest generation fluid level monitor is the RMS MaxPro-5000™, which offers the simplest way to measure the amount of oil and gas in individual wells.

The patented system works by sending a small volume of compressed well gas as a pressure wave down the well. The pressure wave is reflected from the fluid surface and by precisely measuring the round-trip time and the speed-of-sound in the well the system can accurately determine fluid depth to more than 10 000 ft, +/- 2 ft.

An internal compressor and on-board computer allow the measurements to be repeated continuously and without assistance, providing operators with unprecedented details on well operations. The RMS MaxPro-5000 also features Double Pulse Echo Reflectometry (D-PER)™, which eliminates nearly all noise associated with gas bubbles and gas flow for unmatched accuracy.

As a standard feature, the RMS MaxPro-5000 provides a 4-20 mA output to integrate with all common variable frequency drive (VFD) and SCADA systems. When used with a VFD the system allows for automated or remote adjustment of pump motor speed to achieve and maintain an optimal fluid level for maximum output. The remote control feature allows access to real time fluid level from any computer or mobile device via web access.

A leading cause of productivity loss and well equipment damage is a pump running too slow or too fast. "Billions are lost every year to well inefficiencies and pump damage," said RMS founder and President David R. 'D.R.' Hill. "The MaxPro-5000 is the final piece of the automation puzzle. Because every well is unique, the MaxPro-5000 enables your equipment to operate at its optimal level while maximising profits."

Several major oil and gas companies are currently using Generation I and II of the RMS technology.

About the size of a home office printer the patented RMS MaxPro-5000 is Class I Div. 2 certified, 3R rated, self-contained and can be easily installed by a certified technician with simple hand tools. No shut down of the well is required during installation.

The RMS MaxPro-5000 is intended to be compatible with 95% of the world's artificial lift solutions, of which there are hundreds of thousands globally. The base price for 2014 is US$ 15 350. Only one unit per well is required.

"We've seen well productivity more than double in testing," Hill added. "That might not happen every time, but we expect the user to see a great return on investment."

About Reservoir Management Services (RMS)
Based in Bakersfield, California, RMS is a privately held company formed in 2008 to develop production-optimising fluid level measurement technology for the oil and gas industry. Founder and President D.R. Hill is a veteran oil and gas man with nearly three decades of experience and several patents. RMS is backed by Ellis Energy Investments, an established Seed Investment Company that helps early stage companies launch, monetise and grow.

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

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