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Global access to DAS monitoring solutions for oil and gas wells

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Fotech Solutions, the linear asset monitoring technology specialists, has signed a partnership agreement with Interpretive Software Products Inc. (ISP), a specialist data modelling and interpretation software developer for the oil and gas industry. The partnership combines Fotech’s leading Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology with ISP’s SP2S and ARIANE software packages to provide live operational well information at the well-site, which can also be sent in close to real-time to any location around the world for monitoring and support.

Immediate access to oil and gas well DAS data 

Delivering immediate access to DAS data from a well has been a challenge for users of DAS technology. During a single monitoring period a DAS sensor is capable of producing tens of terabytes of data. This results in increased data processing times for remote post-acquisition analysis and restricts data transfer to the shipment of data drives. 

Fotech’s partnership with ISP addresses this issue. Combining Fotech’s DAS with ISP’s software products enables real-time compression of DAS data into manageable image files that are gigabytes in size rather than terabytes. This enables far quicker delivery of in-well reports using the ARIANE software package.

Real-time compression of DAS data

The use of the data compression approach also means that transmitting the data to operational platforms around the world in close to real time can be achieved at far lower bandwidths than would be possible otherwise. As a result Fotech and ISP are for the first time opening up the possibility of genuinely global access to data from the well as it happens, allowing for distributed decision making by the key company stakeholders.

The partnership sees Fotech become the sole reseller of ISP’s ARIANE software package. ARIANE is an intuitive, simple to use, Windows-based processing package that allows users to manipulate and post-process data in frequency and distance, within minutes of events happening.

Helios DAS from Fotech converts an optical fibre, up to 40 km long, into tens of thousands of individual vibration sensors. Real-time detection of the vibrations, caused by acoustic disturbance at each point along the fibre, enables engineers to ‘visualise’ and record downhole events with greater clarity than ever before. As such, Helios DAS provides data and interpretative tools that have not been possible until now. These tools improve the efficiency of oil and gas exploration, production and delivery.

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

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