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Honeywell Enraf releases new Fusion4 MSC-L loading controller

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Honeywell Enraf has released a new multi stream controller, Fusion4 MSC-L, for loading products from refineries and chemical plants into railcars, tankers and barges.

Fusion4 MSC-L can operate up to six loading arms simultaneously, providing safe, reliable control for road loading, tank farm transfers and marine and rail terminal operations.

‘The Fusion4 MSC-L lets operators do more with less’, said Richard Thompson, General Manager of Honeywell Enraf. ‘It can control more stream, with high accuracy, than any other device, so users need fewer units’.

The loading controller features an intuitive device interface to enable every installation, operation and maintenance function to be controlled in the field using a large display and integrated keyboard that works as a complete hazardous area operating station.

‘The intuitive interface and display give those in the field full system visibility and control to get more done in less time’, Thompson added.

On screen icons based on mobile and tablet computer ‘apps’ cut training time and reduce the risk of human error.

Additional features include:

  • An explosion proof design.
  • Unique live data transfer with secure two way data communication.
  • User configurable and expendable I/Os.
  • Start up in less than a minute, with calibration wizards and zero downtime upgrades.
  • Real time stream, I/O type and system diagnostics.
  • Advanced alarm handling for twice as many alarms as any other available device.
  • Compatibility with Honeywell Enraf’s safe area device monitoring software package Fusion4 Portal.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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