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Dais Analytic launches NanoClear

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Dais Analytic Corporation, a commercial nanotechnology materials company selling its Aqualyte™ membrane nanomaterial with engineered processes addressing needs in the worldwide air, energy and water markets, has announced it is accepting orders for delivery of its first NanoClear™ product targeted to be used in the estimated US$65 billion industrial wastewater cleanup market. NanoClear™ is a revolutionary water cleaning architecture enabled by the features in Dais's nanomaterial, Aqualyte™.

NanoClear's benefits include simpler plant engineering, lower initial and operating costs, safe separation of numerous contaminants from the dirty wastewater stream, and high quality product water (nearly 1000x clearer than today's drinking water standard). Unlike most water cleaning operations using the Reverse Osmosis (RO) water cleaning method, NanoClear does not employ high pressure. This combined with another feature of the Aqualyte material offers the industry a true 'low fouling' membrane material. Fouling is a source of many RO system failures.

The NanoClear product shipped is the ME201 model, a modular device containing Aqualyte nanomaterial capable of separating approximately 26 gal./hr of harmful contaminants found largely in industrial wastewater. The modules are available in sizes from 13 - 130 gal./hr and can be grouped together as needed to clean millions of gallons of contaminated industrial wastewater per day. The clean wastewater can be reused by the industrial process, thus, lowering the processes' draw on the local water supply, lowering the environmental impact and potentially the demand on a local wastewater treatment plant.

The ME201 units were shipped to an engineering company in China for use in cleaning water so contaminated it stymies traditional industrial wastewater cleaning technology. The company has received orders for NanoClear units, which it anticipates will generate revenue in the current fiscal quarter (2Q16).

In 2013 in cooperation with Pasco County, Florida, Dais built, and continues to operate, a NanoClear™ water cleaning pilot system using an existing county water treatment facility. A similar unit is functional in Beijing, China. These units highlight the functionality of Dais' Aqualyte nanomaterial and NanoClear process to potential partners, key influencers and consumers.

"These pilot systems and other internal activities generated the system data used to complete the development work on the NanoClear architecture and tailor the performance of the Aqualyte materials to the operational requirements," said Brian C. Johnson, Chief Technology Officer of Dais Analytic. Johnson and his colleagues at Dais and key external support organisations balanced the operational needs of the features of the Aqualyte nanomaterials, the fundamental science, and the engineering and price performance issues of NanoClear's architecture against the demands of separating contaminants from water processing to the end user's needs in the worldwide market. This body of work resulted in the introduction of the ME200 line of membrane evaporators, the first product of the NanoClear family by Dais.

"Dais's strategy, using the features of the Aqualyte nanomaterial, is to provide leading edge solutions addressing underlying architecture and efficacy issues found with existing products. With newer technology we meet the challenges facing the market's growing needs for clean air, radically more energy efficient products, and steady growth in the necessity for clean water: today, we have delivered again against this strategy with the commercial introduction of NanoClear," said Tim Tangredi, Chief Executive Officer of Dais Analytic. "We are starting our commercialisation with a good line up of key industry users and engineering experts focusing on the industrial waste water market sector. Future uses expand to a new generation of products for home use, addressing challenges like those presented in the recent lead issues plaguing many US city's schools [Flint, Michigan for example], and to offer a new generation of options to the needs of large desalination applications. In a macro sense, NanoClear has the strength to curtail the depletion of fresh water supplies around the world. We believe it is an incredible product being introduced at the right time."

"NanoClear™ works in a fundamentally different way than the dominant treatment systems in use today which ultimately means less pre-treatment and only a single pass through our membrane" explains Rasool Nasr Isfahani, Senior Aqualyte™ Development Engineer at Dais. "By developing a membrane that works without pores we eliminate the need for high pressure pumps, back flushing cycles and other process components that make cleaning water expensive and difficult. This is truly something that we all feel will change the water purification landscape."

Adapted from press release by Francesca Brindle

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