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Clariant launches new reforming catalyst

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Clariant has unveiled new steam reforming catalysts for manufacturing synthesis gas used to produce hydrogen, ammonia and methanol.

The ReforMax 330 LDP Plus and ReforMax 210 LDP Plus catalysts are designed with an 8-hole flower-like configuration that ensures low pressure drop in the tubular reforming reactor while offering excellent catalyst activity and selectivity.?

Steam reforming is a principal industrial process used to manufacture synthesis gas (syngas) as required for the production of hydrogen, ammonia and methanol. The tubular steam reformer is at the centre of the process. Here, hydrocarbon feed reacts catalytically with steam to form a mixture of hydrogen, carbon oxide and carbon dioxide (syngas).

The shape of the catalyst used for primary reforming plays a key role in the catalyst’s activity, heat transfer, pressure drop and physical strength. The ReforMax LDP Plus catalysts build on the success of the ReforMax LDP series, which is commercially proven to be highly effective for any condition of process feed and design. The design of ReforMax LDP Plus allows a pressure drop decrease of up to 20%, enabling plant operators to reduce energy costs and/or increase the reformer gas throughput in existing plants.??

The new catalysts also retain the high geometric surface area of the ReforMax LDP 10-hole shape, thus maintaining high activity for the steam reforming reaction.

Stefan Heuser, Senior Vice President and General Manager Business Unit Catalysts at Clariant, said: “Clariant’s ReforMax LDP Plus catalysts are proof that you can make an excellent product even better. In this case, our relentless commitment to innovation will allow our customers in the ammonia, nitrogen and methanol industries to enjoy even greater efficiency and productivity in their processes.”

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