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Chromatotec® certified ATEX for zone 1 & 2

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Since 2009, Chromatotec® has proposed a version of its MEDOR® analyser in Exp cabinet for hazardous areas. This solution dedicated for monitoring and online analysis of sulfurs and odorous compounds in natural gas has now received the ATEX certification for zone 1. MEDOR® was already certified for zone 2 since 2014.

The ATEX directive consists of two EU directives describing what equipment and work environment are allowed with an explosive atmosphere. It guarantees risk controls regarding explosion in this type of atmospheres, according to areas classified into zones. Zone 1 and 2 are areas where a mixture of dangerous substances with air, in the form of gases, vapors or mist in which, after ignition has occurred, combustion spreads to the entire unburned mixture. Zone 1 is for an area in which an explosive mixture is likely to occur in normal operation; zone 2 is for an area in which this explosive mixture is likely to exist in normal operation for a short time.

With the ATEX certification for its MEDOR® Exp range, Chromatotec® has got now the authorization for mass production of any device certified as ATEX and capabilities to expand more largely its solutions.

MEDOR® Exp for using in hazardous environments

Particularly fitted for industrial zones and refineries, MEDOR® Exp is the only autoGC dedicated for sulfur compounds analysis (H2S, mercaptans and sulphides) in different matrices. Two versions exist: the MEDOR® Exp ppm (measurement at ppm levels) and the MEDOR® Exp ppb (measurement at ppb levels).

This online analyser, in continuous flow and completely automatic, is integrated in an Exp cabinet, pressurized and diluted continuously. The purging system includes a pressure regulator with a flow restrictor to control the inlet dilution. For zone 1, a flow controller is located at the valve outlet to validate the flow out of the cabinet.

IP 66 class allows the use of the unit in waterproof case environment and the cabinet is impervious to dust, preventing from introduction of exterior elements and reducing the instrument air consumption volume needed for the continuous dilution.

MEDOR® Exp is also compliant with ASTM D7493 - 08: Standard Test Method for Online Measurement of sulfur compounds in natural gas and gaseous fuels by gas chromatograph and electrochemical detection. For complete natural gas or process analysis, Chromatotec® also proposes chromaTCD for impurities in pure gas and chromENERGY for C1C6+ and calorific value.

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