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Croft launches Fuel Gas Conditioning System

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Croft Production Systems Inc., has recently launched a new product, Fuel Gas Conditioning System (FCS), that has the power to cool, dehydrate and remove gas heavies to prevent freeze-ups of fuel lines, and clean gas for fuel and instrumentation.

There are seven different types of FCS’ available, depending on the size of the well, pressure, volume, and gas that is being produced.

The FCS is a combination of multiple Croft Systems combined into one package to condition fuel, supply, and instrument gas on location. The FCS incorporates two of the company’s other pieces of equipment, the Ambient Cooler System and the Passive Dehydration System. These systems work together to utilise a pressure drop, remove the natural gas liquids from the gas stream, and dehydrate the gas so that the dew point is reduced below pipeline specifications. The FCS removes condensates and water to provide a dehydrated and consistent BTU for utilisation in high speed engines and instrumentation. The FCS is commonly utilised after initial free liquid separation and field processing of the gas, and immediately before the generator, for the final polishing of the gas.

The FCS is neatly packaged onto a skid, with the other gas processing parts already equipped and ready to run at startup. The way that the units are engineered results in minimal downtime, reduced equipment failure, and increased output. All of these features save time, money, and labour costs. The FCS can be utilised for customers with natural gas powered engines, burners, pneumatic controllers and instrumentation.

Along with prompt, professional service support, and spare parts that are available from the regional service technicians, Croft strives to improve quality, cost, and service. The company has ASME coded pressure vessels and is ISO9001 certified.

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