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Next generation wax and resin granulation

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Sandvik Process Systems has indicated that it will use this year’s TurkChem to highlight the benefits of its most advanced granulation system to date, the Rotoform 4G. This latest addition to company’s Rotoform range coasts a number of innovative new features designed to improve productivity and reduce maintenance requirements.

According to Sandvik, these improvements have significantly enhanced a system that was already widely recognized as the default solution for solidifying many chemical products into free flowing, uniform pastilles for easy storage, transportation, dosing and mixing.

One of the most common applications for Sandvik’s granulation technology is the solidification of fat chemicals for use as detergents, rubber additives, lubricants, food additives and surfactants, as well as intermediates for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The process combines the Rotoform® drop depositor with a steel belt cooler to create an efficient and versatile granulation system. Molten product is deposited by the Rotoform onto a continuously-running steel belt in the form of measured droplets. As they travel along the system, heat is transferred from the product to cooling water sprayed against the underside of the steel belt, and the droplets solidify into consistently sized pastilles.

Sandvik lists easier cleaning and servicing among the key benefits of the Rotoform 4G. This is rendered possible by a pneumatically-actuated lifting device and new hood design, and improved product quality due to enhanced controls. The design of the Rotoform 4G also enables its use in production lines requiring Good Manufacturing Practice compliance.

Sandvik is able to provide full technical support and servicing from its local office in Istanbul.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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