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DRS Technologies announces sales of permanent magnet motors

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

DRS Technologies, Inc., has announced that, in collaboration with Weatherford, they have sold their first four PR Series 1600-hp, permanent-magnet (PM) motors. These motors will be mounted on the Weatherford EH-1600 Triplex Mud Pump.

The direct-drive, permanent-magnet motor application results in 25% reduction in pump skid volume and a 12% weight savings, making transit easier and less costly, contributing to significant fuel savings. This is achieved by the high torque and high efficiency PM motor and its ability to eliminate the belts and sheaves equipment associated with traditional motors.

“The successful testing and early sales of this motor design are encouraging,” commented Rich Armstrong, VP of DRS Power Technology Inc. “We think that permanent-magnet motor technology and the direct-drive mud pump design can provide significant value to drilling contractors and their customers.”

DRS and Weatherford worked in close cooperation with drilling contractors to perform the detailed mechanical and electrical design and integration. Following six months of testing of 1150-hp DRS PM motors at Weatherford’s Magnolia, Texas facility, customer demands accelerated the development of a 1600-hp motor.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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