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ProOne discusses lubricant technology

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Amid drilling mud’s vital functions downhole, from maintaining wellbore stability to cooling and lubricating the drilling assembly, technological breakthroughs can deliver significant performance gains for well operators. US-based ProOne®’s XPL+® (Xtreme Pressure Lubricants) mud additive is rewriting both downhole drilling efficiencies and cost savings, as successfully field-proven in more than 600 wells throughout North America.

This Downhole Drilling Fluid Treatment’s key features are:  torque and friction reduction by 70%, heat and drag reduction, and wear reduction while increasing performance/ROP – all under a borehole’s most extreme conditions. Highlights include straighter verticals, drilling curve in 50% less time, reducing trips outs, setting casing faster, greatly reducing hook load, and easier steering and sliding.

XPL+ lengthy capabilities are built upon its unprecedented film strength (fifty times conventional lubricant) and its strong ionic (+) charge which bonds to metal, unimpeded by extraordinary heat and pressure. Case studies ranging from the news-making Bakken, North Dakota to West Texas have documented the additive’s remarkable drilling results. Major operator comments include “We noticed a significant drop in torque and increase in ROP," “Stuck drill string at 11 400 was successfully extracted from the hole,” “Could not set casing for 24 hours. With ProOne, casing fell to the bottom and saved us both US$ 250 000 and 4-5 days drilling.”

By treating the entire Deep Hole Drilling (DHD) system, XPL+ provides a 94% reduction in friction coefficient and increases the mud’s film strength upward of 200 000 psi, while performing effectively at temperatures up to 340°C. Completely biodegradable, XPL+ is exclusively distributed by Distribution NOW.

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

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