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SKF ensures safer and more efficient temperature measurement

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

SKF has launched the SKF TKTL 40, a portable, lightweight, multi functional instrument for measuring temperatures from a distance. The SKF TKTL 40 is the only infrared thermometer in its class that can take photos and videos showing the temperatures measured, enabling engineers to measure surface temperatures with greater ease and safety.

Failing to detect abnormal temperatures can result in unplanned machine downtime, while high temperatures can cause lubricant and bearing damage. The SKF TKTL 40 offers technicians an accurate, easy to use thermometer with which to prevent such problems and measure temperature safely.

‘The SKF infrared thermometer TKTL 40 is an extremely versatile instrument for use by maintenance technicians and HVAC professionals. With photo and video capability, the TKTL 40 allows the readings to be reviewed and shared, helping the whole team to directly visualise the situation,’ said Jens Kammann, SKF Product Manager.

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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