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John Crane awarded patent

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The US and European patent offices have awarded John Crane a patent for a breakthrough technology that will monitor the condition of a gas seal to improve product performance, extend average product lifespan and aid emission reduction in operations across the energy sector. The technology will be the next step change leading to improved gas seal reliability, equipment up-time and lower operating costs for customers.

The patent outlines configurations of an advanced gas seal condition monitoring system that will provide comprehensive and continuous real time monitoring of the status of a compressor, control panel and gas seal to improve gas seal performance. In house prototype testing is scheduled for the summer of 2014, and extensive customer field tests will follow.


Joseph Haas, Chief Technology Officer, John Crane said, ‘this new technology is just one example of how John Crane is committed to R&D investment in engineered solutions that address customers’ growing processing demands while supporting environmental impact and improved energy efficiency. Because a gas seal is critical to our customers’ operations, monitoring its performance will further reduce chances of downtime that could cost them close to one million dollars a day.’

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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