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Diabon plate heat exchanger

The latest addition to Alfa Laval’s Diabon plate heat exchanger portfolio is the largest unit ever built. Like all Alfa Laval Diabon plate heat exchangers the new S15 type is suitable for handling highly corrosive fluids. The new heat exchanger will more than double flow rates. Therefore, a single Diabon S15 can replace shell and tube or block heat exchangers to provide all the familiar benefits of plate heat exchangers: for example, maximised heat recovery, minimised downtime and low maintenance costs, all of which add up to low operating costs.

Tantalum heat exchangers

Alfl Laval has launched a new range of tantalum heat exchangers that offer the exceptionally high corrosion resistance of a solid tantalum heat exchanger, but at a much lower investment cost. The combined benefits of lower capital cost, long lifetime and minimal maintenance requirements results in significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to heat exchangers made of high grade alloys, graphite, silicon carbide or glass. The new range has been specifically developed for use with hot, highly corrosive liquids.


The T35/TS35, Alfa Laval’s latest gasketed heat exchanger, comes with several innovations that minimise maintenance costs and ensure high uptime. These include the CurveFlow distribution area, which reduces fouling, and glue free ClipGrip gaskets, which facilitate regasketing. The new, patented CurveFlow distribution area in Alfa Laval T35/TS35 gives it a much more uniform flow distribution than other plate heat exchangers. This means there are no stagnant zones and significantly less fouling. The uniform flow also improves thermal efficiency. The ClipGrip gaskets offer totally glue free mounting and are designed for maximum lifetime, high reliability and simple maintenance. The attachments grip the plates from both sides to keep the gaskets firmly in position. ClipGrip gaskets minimise problems with gaskets creeping out of their grooves, plate pack misalignment and leaks.

WideGap 100

Alfa Laval’s new WideGap 100 gasketed plate heat exchanger combines an exceptionally high resistance to fouling and clogging with maximum heat transfer efficiency and compact size. WideGap 100 is the smallest plate heat exchanger on the market that has been specially designed for handling media with coarse particles, fibres and solids. The new exchanger is designed for applications with small flows and has a port diameter of 100 mm. This makes WideGap 100 the smallest wide gap type heat exchangers on the market.

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